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Fecha: 12 de abril de 2021

Estimados asociados de EUROLAB-España,

Enviamos un listado de noticias recopiladas por EUROLAB AISBL, con sus correspondientes links para ampliar información, por si fueran de vuestro interés.

FSA assesses use of remote audits during pandemic. Accuracy of remote assessments was a key concern raised by most local authorities, according to an evaluation of the technique’s use during the pandemic. Local authority officers feared information was vulnerable to manipulation by food businesses and problems could be missed resulting in public health risks. There was also the inability to use instincts and sensory awareness to assess the business such as the loss of smell to detect pests and being unable to see how staff interact. The Food Standards Agency (FSA) asked consulting and technology services provider ICF to evaluate food firms and local authority experience of using remote assessment in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland for food hygiene and food standards checks during the COVID-19 pandemic. Source: Food Safety News

Half of UK firms expect long-term post-Brexit disruption – survey. The majority of British firms have faced disruption with trade with the European Union since Brexit, with many expecting the problem to last for some time, according to a survey published on Saturday. A trade agreement between London and Brussels which came into force on Jan. 1 has meant some companies have had to deal with new bureaucracy and rules. The Survation survey for London First/EY, conducted in February, found 75% had experienced some disruption, even though 71% said they had felt prepared for the changes. Almost half, 49%, said they expected that to continue in the long-term while nearly a third said they had stopped trading with the EU and countries not covered by rollover agreements. Source: Reuters

China reveals co-operation with EU on green investment standards. China’s central bank has revealed that it is co-operating with the European Union to converge green investment taxonomies across the two markets, aiming to implement a jointly recognised classification system for the environmental credentials for businesses by the end of this year. Yi Gang, the governor of the People’s Bank of China, said at the China Development Forum in March that the primary goal of the central bank over the next five years was to implement and standardise a green finance system in the country in co-ordination with global partners. The bank said it was an “urgent” task to fulfil the goals of having domestic carbon emissions peak before 2030 and turn carbon neutral by 2060, as pledged by Chinese President Xi Jinping last September. Source: Financial Times

Energy ministers urge for regulatory framework on hydrogen: European energy ministers have highlighted the need to create a stable regulatory framework for hydrogen in the European Union, capable of attracting private investors into a competitive and predictable market. Source: Euractiv

Nutri-Score food labelling plan is not panacea, EU official says: The proposed colour-coded Nutri-Score labelling system should not be seen as a panacea for consumers to assess the healthiness of food, according to a member of the cabinet of EU’s agriculture Commissioner Janusz Wojciechowski.

Source: Euractiv

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